Fixed-Ops Training


When your advisors or technicians need training, we don’t send them to a website and tell them to watch a video.   Your business, your people and your profits are too important.  We use real live trainers who visit your store and work with your team to ensure that your processes are being followed and there is consistency on the drive.


“Passionate.  I can sum up our MOC Trainer with one word.  Passionate.”  — John McAuliff / David Stanley Chevrolet Service Director

“Your energy is contagious.”  —  Chris Wilson / Fixed Ops Director Demontrond

“We have a lift every time MOC does training!  They are so helpful getting our New Hires and Quick Lane technicians up to speed.”  — Lance Parish / Service Manager Munday Chevy


  • Ford store with three advisors averaged 60 preventative maintenance services sold per month.  First year with MOC the average increased to 104 per month.

  • Three-store group averaged 80 preventative maintenance services sold per month. First month using MOC the store sold 92.  Monthly average for 2015 was 231.

  • Chevy store with 11 advisors averaged 430 preventative maintenance services sold per month. One month after training the store sold 535 and is now averaging over 500.

If you would like to speak with one of our dedicated service drive trainers, please give us a call.