Setting Expectations

In the rush to increase sales or land new customers, the instinct is to promise more. In our business, this is especially true because we are often times selling commodities; and therefore vendors attempt to distinguish themselves by making promises that simply can’t be kept.

For example, competitors often approach our current customers and promise “significantly lower pricing” on many of the products we are supplying. It would be easy for a business owner to fall into the trap and jump at the perceived savings.

Almost every time, however, a quick analysis of a “lower cost” proposal reveals that either 1) the products are inferior quality, 2) the lower cost is simply a tool to get the business, and a price increase is inevitable or 3) with the lower prices comes poor service and overstocking.

To build solid relationships, our motto simple: give our customers more than they expected. We only make a few promises: 1) great service, 2) competitive prices, and 3) quality products.

The way we exceed expectations is to continually search for ways create value for you and your business by eliminating other vendors, thereby consolidating purchasing power, which will reduce your overall cost and free up cash in your business.